Laurent Artufel

« French actor discovered by the undisputed Jacques Martin in Under your applause. His career on television, from M6 to France 2 via Direct 8 and LCI, did not make him leave his first passion theater. With Parfums d’intimité and more recently An air of family on the Parisian boards, Laurent was able to prove his talent as an actor in France too bumpy to stick labels. It is at the theater and the cinema that his physique to the James Dean, its charm to the Brad Pitt and its humor to the Louis de Funès, will now be severe. At the time of empty actors, vitreous and interchangeable, Laurent embodies a certain Mediterranean elegance tinged with an insolence worked in front of the television cameras but in reality eminently cinematographic (on which Jean-Luc Godard should seriously address himself under pain of dying exceeded ). Laurent Artufel, neither cracked, nor Tartuffe nor tart, is also the essence of this American comedy, with ancestor Gene Kelly. This enthusiast of tap dancing gives golden color, jazzy music and that bit of fancy worthy of Mary Poppins to boards often too dreary and desperately minimalist. He has this manly eye and yet in love with extravagance. Who spoke of paradox? Laurent Artufel, therefore, is The actor who dislikes the little savers of life, too sitting on their tired reactionary values, and The actor who pleases the rabelaisian spectators, gulus, deep, waiting for another Cinema, another Theater. »

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